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Hi! I’m Kimberley Dawn, the Coach for
Trapped Professionals + Creative Entrepreneurs


Who I Am + Why I Coach.

If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I love people. Not only do I love people, I love their stories. I also enjoy brevity. Click here for My Full Story


The Short + Skinny Version

As a kid, I just had a ‘sense’ (what I now know to be my intuition) that someone was having a tougher day than they let on. On one of my school lunch breaks I remember staying behind to talk to my teacher one-on-one. I intuitively felt that she was upset, so I asked, ‘Miss, are you okay?’ She burst into tears and blurted ‘I had a miscarriage’. I just knew she was hurt. I just knew I couldn’t let her feel alone. I just knew I had to give her a hug – to simply be with her in her sadness.

At the end of every conversation of its kind, I frequently heard ‘Thank you, I feel much better now.’ This was where my deep reverence for people + their stories was born. These people scraped together a shit-tonne of courage and gave me VIP entry into their deepest struggles. That’s a huge honour + privilege.

After every conversation, my unwavering desire + drive to help people simply through conversation deepened. I knew I wanted to have more of, what I now call, Uncommon Conversations.

What are Uncommon Conversations?

Uncommon Conversations are the kind that leave you with the pulsating need to act NOW, and an unshakeable belief that you have a God/Universe-given purpose. Did you hear that? You, yes YOU, have an undeniable purpose.

In the midst of these uncommon conversations you feel like you’re on a high-speed runaway train. You know you’re going somewhere but where? The tectonic plates of your mind begin to shift, volcanoes of emotions erupt, and you feel goddamn alive.

It’s that aliveness that fuels you to soar high over your mental mountains. Somehow, you see more clearly and you are able to problem solve more creatively. There are multiple roads to take from where you stand to where you want to go – you just didn’t see them before.

With my innate knowledge, my lifetime of people skills and training through The Coaches Training Institute and the International Coach Federation, I am able to harness these Uncommon Conversations to:

  • Offer you clarity + help build your confidence
  • Make a strategic and holistic life + small business plan
  • Challenge your self-imposed limitations + support your growth
  • Let you feel seen, heard + valued
  • Hold you accountable to the plans we create together


I can help you feel like you matter.
Because you do.

I can help you build something that matters.
Because you can.


Who I Coach.

In short: EVERYONE. Read the long version of who I coach here →

People are people. We all brush our teeth, we all get nervous on first dates… basically, we’re all human. The most important part about having a coach is finding the right coach.

How do I find the right coach for me? You try them out!

I can help you feel like you matter.
Because you do.

I can help you build something that matters.
Because you can.


What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process in which you are guided in conversation to explore your own solutions to the issues in your life + small business. A coach provides a safe haven for you to be real and raw, to dive deep, and to resurface with the necessary tools to get sh*t done.


A coaching session will feel similar to a conversation with a friend, but will leave you feeling energized and ready to banish your back-burner burdens.

Coaching is relationship based, and results are only as rich as the client-coach relationship. More often than not, clients begin to experience consistent progress after three consecutive months of regular coaching.

The process is not only transformative, but life-affirming. There are choices available to you, if you take the time to summit those mental mountains.


• To MAKE A CAREER CHANGE, but you are risk-aversive.
• GOAL CLARITY and PROGRESS, but seem to be spinning your wheels.
• ACCOUNTABILITY, but can’t seem to stay on track.
• To STRETCH YOUR CONVENTIONAL THINKING, and create something that matters.

One 30 minute session. Completely free. Change your life.

Are you ready to try something different?


Kim might be a magician when it comes to understanding where you want to go with your dreams. She is challenging, supportive and she will kick your butt if you need it. But not literally. Kim’s The Big Think: Strategy with a Soul session helps you establish a vision for your passion project, and then helps you create a plan to execute it. And it totally works: Bloom Co. is living proof of that.

Brittany Brander, Chief-in-Editor, Bloom Co.


Kim is an AMAZING coach.  I was instantly attracted to her mission to help female entrepreneurs.  We clicked from our first email exchange as she is so authentic with all her communications!  She has a strong intuition to sense what is really going on beneath the surface and guides each session with a special craft.  I would highly recommend Kim to anyone who is looking for a rock star coach!!

Karlee Vukets, Aim Studios


What you see is what you get with Kim; she is clear, sincere and authentic! The time I have spent with her is coaching has been valuable and productive – she is highly intuitive and creative in her approach. I appreciate her genuine interest in my well-being and her supportive emails between sessions.

Janet Walden, Classic Life Coaching


I entered my first coaching session with Kim with some skepticism about coaching, but we quickly transitioned to somewhere amazing. Kim guided me to identify what I really want in life, why I want these things, and what I can do about them. I came away from the session with an entirely refreshed perspective on life, a renewed vigor, and I feel ready for my next chapters.

President of Investing Beyond, Independent Business Owner + Private Wealth Advisor
Work With Me

Work With Me.

One of my deepest wishes is to leave everyone I meet with the unshakeable feeling that they + their story matter. Because they do.


The Trapped Professional

It’s 10:00am on a Wednesday. You’re sitting in your cubicle with a page-long to do list at your side. Your boss is in a meeting, so no one will notice you Urban Dictionary-ing the definition of ‘Trap Queen’ or taking a quiz on what flavour donut you are.

The morning minutes ache by, your to do list grows faster than Rapunzel’s hair, and you continue to daydream about nothing in particular.

You’re bored. Not only bored, but you’re comfortable. You are comfortable flying under the radar, collecting a guaranteed paycheque for a job you can do in your sleep. You are comfortable exercising what is merely the tip of your natural talents and skills.

You, my friend, are comfortable living for the weekend.

You’re also afraid. You’re afraid that this nothingness is all life has to offer you. Dat cubicle life, tho; not even four walls to call your own.

You’re afraid you lack talents beyond your job description, or at least ones that someone will pay you for.

You’re afraid of giving up the lifestyle you sought since University graduation, and afraid of tumbling down the ladder you spent 10 years clawing your way up. ‘I don’t want to regress. I don’t want to start again.’

In your world, the air reeks of staleness, monotony + apathy. In this corporate hell, you are uninspired and unnoticed. This is where passion goes to die.

Maybe you’re an Executive Assistant like I was; maybe you’re a Manager in Oil & Gas; maybe you’re a Director in Human Resources without the courage to take a risk – any risk.

Sound like you? Let me tell you something, it doesn’t sound like me anymore.

We spend an average of 25-35% of our time working. That’s 25-35% of your life spent wishing for the weekend, and wasting away at a job that doesn’t bring us joy. In my books, that’s 25-35% too much.

Let me share with you the fire + purpose that drives the work I do, so you can find your fire and passion to find what you should do.

One 30 minute session. Completely free. Change your life.

Are you ready to try something different?



The Creative Entrepreneur

You’re sitting in your local café that’s adorned with the prettiest of marble counter tops. As you sip on a smooth Nutella latte, you’re mesmerized by the sparkle of the rose gold accents in the morning light. You’re ready to blog. This is your favourite way to spend Saturday mornings.

You are creatively inclined and moved by storytelling + simplicity. You have something to share with the world. You are a heart-centered woman with a craving to create + share.

Amidst your 9-5 day, your Instagram inbox is full of conversations with other like-minded creatives. Your mind buzzes with dreams of collaborations, workshops, maybe even leaving your 9-5 for something you love to do.

But your mind swims with doubt.

How am I different to every other photographer?

Why would someone buy my jewelry over [insert another popular local maker]?

What if I fail?

Your Instagram followers love what you make and want more of it, but you have no idea how to start, let alone run a business. What’s a business plan? Who’s my niche? What’s my brand?


Sound like you? Let me tell you, it sounds like some of my creative clients.

Let me help you do what 40% of my creative + entrepreneurial clients have done after working with me:

  • Turned their passion projects into a fruitful businesses
  • Ditched their 9-5 jobs
  • Quadrupled their client base + revenue

If you’re a lifestyle blogger, a fitness fanatic, a jewelry maker, a wedding planner, or a photographer with a desire to take the next step, let’s collaborate.

Turn your passion project into an abundant business.

One 30 minute session. Completely free. Change your life.

Are you ready to try something different?



The Recent Graduate

More to come…

One 30 minute session. Completely free. Change your life.

Are you ready to try something different?




Ongoing Coaching Sessions

The beauty and convenience of coaching with me is that you can do it on your lunch break, right from your desk. All one-hour coaching sessions are conducted by phone. Ongoing coaching packages include:

  • 2 x 60 minute sessions
  • Unlimited text + email support

3 months


6 months


9 months


Big Think

Work-Life Balance is a bunch of bullshit. You only need more ‘life’ in your balance when you hate the work you do.

That’s where the Big Think comes in. The Big Think is designed to assess, strategize + create a holistic life and small business/work plan to support a life that keeps you engaged, energized + fulfilled.

When we’re done you will have a solid 6 month plan that is easily transferable to monthly, weekly + day-to-day tasks.

Find your path, make a plan, and stick to it!

Big Think

$6502.5 hours

Vision Calibration

The Vision Calibration session is designed to re-assess + re-calibrate the plans you have in motion. We deep dive into what’s working, what’s useful + what needs tweaking.

Think of it as though you’re bringing your car in for annual maintenance. It’s working just fine, but it is working at its optimal?

That’s where Vision Calibration comes in. When we are done you will have a re-energized + re-aligned plan that keeps you in motion towards your identified goals in optimal condition.

Vision Calibration

$4001.5 hours


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“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.”

~ Margaret Fuller



I LOVE being asked this question because I get to be an integral part of what TED stands for: Ideas Worth Spreading.

A TED Talk is a powerful + persuasive presentation delivered in 18 minutes or less. Topics and speakers are vast in variety and wide in their wealth of knowledge.

In 2010, I fell in love with TED and have clocked hundreds of hours to date. TED Talks inspire my creativity, persuade me to action, and influence my hopes for the future. One day, I’ll walk that TED Talk stage.

As a self-proclaimed TED Talk Addict, I felt it necessary to curate for the cause. Here are some of my favourites:


Brené Brown: The Power of Vulnerability.

When I grow up, I want to be Brené Brown — a right brained but heart-centered genius. This is the talk for you if you have a distinct aversion to vulnerability. Brené shares her unique data-driven insight into the strength of vulnerability and the human condition.

Brené Brown: Listening to Shame.

Like I said, I adore Brené. Her second talk on shame exposes some of the demons that we try to dis-empower through coaching.

Shame drives two big tapes — “never good enough” — and, if you can talk it out of that one, “who do you think you are?” The thing to understand about shame is, it’s not guilt. Shame is a focus on self, guilt is a focus on behaviour.

I adore this talk because it acts as an entry point into the internal dialogue that tells us we’re not enough. The tools clients’ learn through coaching equip them to silence these voices.

Isabelle Allende: How to Live Passionately No Matter Your Age.

Isabelle candidly speaks about the aging process and how she has trained herself to stay passionate by letting go.

“It’s great to let go. I should have started sooner. And I also feel softer because I’m not scared of being vulnerable. I don’t see it as weakness anymore. And I’ve gained spirituality.”


Shonda Rhimes: My Year of Yes.

Shonda Rhimes is a professional liar, a mother and a creative force to be reckoned with.

“The more I play, the happier I am, and the happier my kids are.”

She is a coach’s dream client — she understands the value of less work and more play in a creative’s whirlwind of a mind.

Adam Grant: The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers.

Adam Grant debunks every high school student’s nightmare: Procrastination isn’t the path to failure. In fact, it’s imperative for productivity + creativity.

“Procrastinating is a vice when it comes to productivity, but it can be a virtue for creativity. What you see with a lot of great originals is that they are quick to start but they’re slow to finish… So the lesson I learned is that to be original you don’t have to be first. You just have to be different and better.”


Arianna Huffington: How to Succeed – Get more Sleep.

It’s a big idea from small means. Just like KD and You’s ANTI-Busy Revolution, Arianna speaks volumes about the benefit of taking time for yourself in order to be more productive:

“…They think that [lack of sleep] means that they are so incredibly busy and productive, but the truth is they’re not, because we, at the moment, have had brilliant leaders in business, in finance, in politics ,making terrible decisions.”


Celeste Headlee: Ten Ways to Have a Better Conversation.

Celeste Headlee outlines how to have frequent + incredible conversations to move towards more meaningful connections with others.

“The kind of conversation where you walk away feeling engaged and inspired, or where you feel like you’ve made a real connection or you’ve been perfectly understood. There is no reason why most of your interactions can’t be like that.”

So many of these techniques are used in coaching, and are transferable to all conversations if you so choose.



In my mind, everyone has heard or read something by Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma or Gary Vee. AmIright?

Don’t get me wrong, I love them too, but I like my inspirations to be more accessible. These are some of my close to home inspirations.

I am Erin Brown →
Erin’s primary goal is to sort through her own baggage and live a passionate, empowered life, in hopes to provide her daughter with an example to do the same. She’s an author, activist and rebellious woman. Erin’s fire to change the narrative of what it means to be a woman is capitating and compulsive. Find her spoken and written word over on her blog.

Susan Hyatt →
Susan Hyatt is Master Certified recently featured on Oprah.com, and on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). She is passionate about helping clients through individual and group coaching, retreats and her writing, to create a life that they love. You can read more of Susan’s revelations over on her blog.

Reina + Co. →
Reina was my first coach and is certified CPPC through The Coaches Training Institute. She is a coach for Heart-Centred Biz Bosses, an inspiration for Creatives and new coaches, and a savvy business woman. Reina is full of how-tos, tips and tricks that can help new entrepreneurs on their way. You can find them over on her blog.

The Imperfect Boss →
Run by my friend and fellow Canadian, Ashley Beaudin, the Imperfect Boss is a movement that pulls back the curtains on what it really looks like to be your own boss and inspire women to build brave businesses that light them up. You can follow along in Ashley’s Facebook Group for more perfect imperfections.

Signy Wilson →
Signy is a fiery leadership Canadian coach, and a fully alive advocate. She was my first CTI Facilitator when I began my journey with the Coaches Training Institute. Her ability to cut through bullsh*t with compassion paired with her courage to be authentic and vulnerable was and is inspiring. You can read along Signy’s newest adventure to find Epic Love on her blog.



Everyone’s got their faves. Here are some of mine for personal development + self-discovery.

The Desire Map; Danielle LaPorte

Anything by Brené Brown
• The Gifts of Imperfection
• Daring Greatly
• Rising Strong

The Four Agreements; Don Miguel Ruiz

Big Magic; Elizabeth Gilbert

Anything by Simon Sinek
• Start with Why
• Leaders Eat Last

Lean In; Sheryl Sandberg

Quiet; Susain Cain

How to Win Friends and Influence People; Dale Carnegie

Think and Grow Rich; Napoleon Hill

Love Warrior; Glennon Doyle Melton

Year of Yes; Shonda Rhimes

Anything by Pema Chödrön
• Taking the Leap
• The Places that Scare You

The Untethered Soul; Michael A. Singer

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Ask away.

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