2016: Views from my Rearview Mirror

2016 is slipping into my rearview mirror, and everyone is in reflection mode. As I sit here in my childhood bedroom, I remember the word that struck me on the final chime of Big Ben’s toll: turbulent. Somehow, I knew 2016 would be a year unlike any other and she did not disappoint.

But my silver-lining wired mind just can’t give in to the idea that 2016 was a complete catastrophe. I can’t ignore that somehow the sun continued to shine and time and time again, humankind rose to the occasion. Together, we made it through.

In 2016, my love of sharing the written word returned to me, and wove together a beautiful tapestry to colour this year my best yet. With that love of words in mind, here’s what 2016 meant to me:

Tribe + Community

2016 was the year my tribe and community exploded. Once I found my purpose and founded KD and You, the floodgates opened. A beautiful group of humans walked into my life, all who shared the same vision of the world as me. We shared many a growing pain, and many a tear. They witnessed me in my most confusing moments, and held space for me to find my way. 2016 was the year I realized and fulfilled my need to be part of a tribe, and I’m thankful I did.


Passion + Purpose + Drive

2016 was the year I re-discovered my purpose and found a place to channel my drive + passion for people: Coaching. My heart beats for this work, and it is the most succulent and gratifying thing I’ve done to date. I was directionless for so long, and 2016 was the year I found my own clarity + confidence to chase a better life for myself. 2016 was the year my heart matched my walk.

Read about How I Found My Passion here →

When I look back on KD and You’s first year, I am so proud of what I have accomplished: a registered business doing what I love, a roster of paying clients, and blog features by some incredibly companies: YYC Girl Gang, Pink Productions, and Bourbon and Honey. I’m both honoured and excited by the opportunities that have come my way, and can’t wait for more in 2017!

Fierce Courage + Risks

2016 saw me take a stand. There were many moments where my value of unbridled loyalty slapped me in the face, called me to be fiercely courageous and take a stand against injustice. Some of those moments had severe consequences, but they were not without purpose.

I left a job that no longer served me and took KD and You full-time. It was the riskiest thing I have ever done, but it gave me the fortitude to know that no matter what, I will always land on my feet. I will never regret the moments where I stood up for what I believe in, or the lesson that what I have to say does matter.

Limitlessness + Jet-setting + Adventure

Loyalty vs. Freedom. Late 2016 laid way for a tumultuous fight between two of my highest held values. My loyalty took me to Toronto to work side-by-side with one of the cornerstone people. The situation took a larger-than-anticipated toll on me, but it was exactly what I needed to do.

By leaning into my loyalty, I opened myself up to the incredible opportunity to travel nationally for work, a chance to overcome my fear of driving, and the experience of pure adventure. I will never forget the feeling of flying down the 407, beats blaring full volume through my car speakers without a destination in mind. That feeling of limitlessness and empowerment will never leave me.

Love + Serendipity + Vulnerability

I’m not typically the girl who broadcasts her love life, but early 2016 taught me the difficult lesson that sometimes love isn’t enough. I walked away from a five year relationship and a partner I loved very dearly. I was neither hopeful nor hopeless that great love would find me again, but I wanted nothing to do with it.

And so I ‘Let it Be’.  I indulged in the things that made me happy: coaching, time with friends, and hiking in the Rocky Mountains. Little did I know love would find me at the top of Jumping Pound Mountain.

One could say I was wholly unprepared for this, but my time flying back and forth from Toronto gave me the mental space to decide what I wanted to do: run away, or to give love one last try. If I  trust anything about myself, it’s my ability to hope against hope.

2016: I came home to myself

2016 was an all-round doozy. It was my 30th year of life and there were some astronomic highs and doleful lows, but I have never been closer to my best self until now.

I trust myself more, I love myself more, and I now have an unwavering belief that everything will work out the way it was intended. As turbulent the course, 2016 will go down in my history as the most transformational year of my life.

2017 is right around the corner and if I’ve learned anything from 2016, it’s to stay true to myself. And that’s exactly what I plan on doing.

How will you enter 2017?

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