Energy: Burnout vs. Build Up


Where does it come from, where does it go… Where does [it] come from, Cotton Eye Joe!  I knew you were thinking it. For those of you non-90’s babies, you missed out on something special.

I digress. So, while chatting with a friend over coffee, we delved into the topic of energy. We both agreed that energy is fluid, and it is fluctuates… all day, every day! There are just some days where we, like cars, just can’t keep the gas tank full enough to get where we’re going.

So it got me thinking… if I were a car, I would be a Lamborghini. Why?  Because they’re exotic (I’m Trini after all!), powerful and… sexy as hell (no explanation required, right?)!  A Lambo, like any car of your choice, needs a lot of care and attention to keep her purring like a kitten. And like every car, she needs her tank to be full to function.

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But what happens if my pretty little Lambo skips an opportunity to refuel on a long road trip? She will start to overheat, run out of fuel and likely BURN OUT! Now, if I take the time to refuel my Lambo regularly… tell me, how she would operate?

She’d be one slick speedster, and at her destination in no time, without breaking a sweat.


You, dear reader, are just like the Lambo in this story. You have places to go and people to see, but if you put off maintaining your own fuel levels your gas gauge starts to warn you. “It’s time for a rest stop! Fuels are dangerously low! We can only go another 50 kilometers like this!”

In life, these warning signs can look like insomnia, frequent colds and flus, and fluctuations in weight, inability to concentrate.. the list is endless. You’re running on low energy, man! So what do you do?

You need to refuel YOUR energy tank!

So, how do we acquire, manage and maintain our energy?  Now there’s the meat of this pie!

This is different for everyone! You are a beautifully unique person with unique experiences. What fills me up with joy and energy, may not do the same for you. But what I can tell you is…

This is YOUR journey where you have CHOICES

… to find what refuels you, and conversely, find out what DRAINS you. Like I said, energy is fluid and you ultimately need to monitor where it’s gifted to you, and what steals it from you.

Today, I ask you to take stock of the ebbs and flows of your day. In other words: BE PRESENT – be in the moment, be aware, be open to when and more specifically, WHAT drains you and what FILLS you up with energy.

Leave me a comment and let me know what energizes you!


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