How I Found My Passion

Maybe I should start with a quick distinction between finding and rediscovering. I didn’t necessarily FIND my passion. It was never lost… it has always been with me, but it somehow became hidden behind a rock of fear and an invisibility cloak of uncertainty. I just needed to rediscover and honour it.

Now, let me tell you a story…

Little Kimberley always knew that she loved helping people. From offering her chocolate to homeless people, to pulling all nighters before exams when friends were in trouble. She reveled in being the lighthouse – ready to bring a lost boat in to shore. Saving people from storms… that’s what made ME shine.

At a young age, my natural inclination was to become a doctor but the thought of spurting blood made me queasy. “This isn’t going to work. I need to find another help-centered profession before I lose my lunch“.  Enter Psychology… but something didn’t fit. After university – still lost – I ended up in the administrative profession…  I excelled at being efficient and helpful, but I wasn’t SHINING.

Enter thoughts of despair, failure, loss, depression… I was STUCK. Five long years passed where I questioned my purpose, but one thing always remained true:

I love helping people

I tried on the counselling hat, but something was still wrong… I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of “fixing” people. You are not broken – you have just had some negative EXPERIENCES. That’s all!

It’s in my very nature to see the best in YOU, and I want you to be your BEST possible you. Didn’t anyone else think this way? Was I alone?

Insert a plenitude of agonizing nights hopelessly wondering how to set myself free.  I had never felt so unsure, confused and downright desperate.  Here I was, burning to give myself up to something bigger than myself – without direction, without purpose and meaning.  The age old question… what’s the meaning of [my] life?”  

Cue crazy bucket list thing to do before I’m 30: one week in stunning Nicaragua for a women’s wellness retreat. (Shout out to the incredible Lana and Jamie for hosting such an epic week  of wellness!)


Nicaragua is one magical place!

Here, in the humidity of my struggle, I began to drink in the feelings of connection, solidarity and gratitude. I met some amazing women from all walks and stages of life, and learned some invaluable lessons. I left this beautiful place with a brighter sense of hope and adventure, but still without tangible purpose.

Some sixty days later, the stars aligned and I experienced my first exposure to coaching, and something CLICKED. I asked my coach what it was about our conversation that freed up some of my neural pathways. My coach explained the Co-Active Coaching Model and one of its cornerstones rocked my world: You are naturally creative, whole and resourceful.

LIGHTBULB! My passion started to slowly shake itself free of its invisibility cloak and the rock of fear started to crumble. I felt energized and capable. I knew I wanted to do for others what she just did for ME. She believed in me, held my hope high and let it take flight.  Days later, I was enrolled and ready to take on the world.

Since my journey into coaching began I have never felt more alive or engaged. I truly believe there is no greater adventure than the journey of self-discovery. It was a roller coaster to get this far, and the ride’s not over – but I’m excited for the journey. I’m excited to share this gift with others, with YOU!

I want to be YOUR travel buddy – the one to help re-arrange your bags to feel weightless, and to give you water when you are parched.

All my life I had struggled to “find” my passion. What I never knew was that it was nugget-ed throughout my life. I just never gave it any weight.

Once I honoured MYSELF, a career choice that honoured ME quickly followed.


Are you ready to REDISCOVER and honour your passion?


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