5 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Tribe

Tribe / trahyb ∙ [noun] ∙ any aggregate of people united by ties of descent from a common ancestor, community of customs and traditions, adherence to the same leaders, etc.

Tribes are not a new concept. We humans are inherently tribal beings and we as a species LOVE to share experiences. It doesn’t matter the context! We love to share in meals, child-raising techniques, celebrating birthday milestones, or to simply hang out watching a movie. We’re all about community.

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I’ve said it before – I’m an introvert, but I CRAVE the company of people who just “get” me. I like to think I’m a fair balance of fierce independence (thanks Mum and Dad!), and communal interdependence. There is something soulfully joyful about feeling safe in a group.

We NEED human interaction — scratch that… we need MEANINGFUL human interaction. I am vehement that we need tribes that transcend the boundaries of our personal, but especially our professional lives.


 5 Reasons why every Entrepreneur needs a Tribe


1. Share similar values

Being an entrepreneur can be challenging. You’re a trailblazer and not everyone is going to understand what you’re trying to share with the world, let alone support you in it. Your tribe can reaffirm and reflect what’s already inside of you. Your tribe understands you intimately, because they jam to the same beat. There is something inextricable about having relationships with others who are on your level. Your tribe reminds you of your own values. There  is just something deeply fulfilling about being understood.

2. Entrepreneurship can be scary and lonely.

Being an entrepreneur can be downright lonely. You are the only one doing what you do the way you do it. You run the main attraction, the behind the scenes, quarterback every single play. It can be incredibly time consuming and lonely work. But in an entrepreneurial tribe, your peeps go through the same struggles you do. They can relate to you in a way that few others can.

3. Accountability Buddy and Masterminding

Entrepreneurs work for themselves and by themselves. It’s incredibly easy to procrastinate or shift your purpose and take an easier route. Your tribe acts as an accountability buddy – someone to hold you to the promises you make to yourself. Your tribe can challenge you, and even brainstorm better ways to achieve your goals. They also know when to call you out on a horrendous idea! Napoleon Hill coined the term “Masterminding” in his 1937’s book, “Think and Grow Rich”: a meeting of the minds to hash out ideas and get sh*t done real quick.

4. Collaboration & Networking

Entrepreneurs and their work are incredibly unique. Idea-sharing in a network of like-hearted people can lead you to new business heights and collaborations that would be impossible to do alone. Not only do you dream up new ideas, but you get to work in partnership and strengthen your own brand by raising each other up. It’s win-win!

5. Meaningful Support and Cheerleader

Your tribe has your back. They value your contributions as an individual and recognize how hard it can be to keep yourself authentic. Entrepreneurs can think and overthink ideas. Your tribe can keep you from swimming around in your head and get those big beautiful ideas out into the world. Your tribe will champion you and cheer-lead you to your big reveal.

Finding your tribe is not the same as networking. Networking provides you with individuals connections to others for your betterment; tribes are part of you at a cellular level and the understanding and trust runs deep. A tribe is about meaningful and deep relationships with plenty of mutual investment of time and energy. Networking is a little more sporadic – plenty useful, but your LinkedIn connections aren’t the people you would necessarily bare your soul to!

The road you travel as an entrepreneur involves long hours, dedication and a whole lotta getting sh*t done. Your tribe gets it at the ground level and will grow along side you. There’s a sense of infinite compassion and support.

The tribe mentality isn’t a new concept, but it sure as hell can make you feel like new. I know I’ve found serenity, joy and drive with mine.

What will you find in your tribe?



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