ANTI-Busy Revolution

You’re busy? I’m like hey, what’s up, hell NO!

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July 13, 2016: The Anti-Busy Revolution

I literally have no idea where I’m going with this but I’m ALL kinds of excited, and ALL kinds of up in its grill.

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I pinpointed what truly p*sses me off and gets under my skin about the phrase, “I’m busy”.

It’s a cop out. It’s a catch all. Worst of all, “I’m busy” is an excuse and I’m not about that life.

You know I’m passionate when my inner Trini/Croydon rude gyal comes out. Please bear with me… Because I really can’t even.

July 13;  I decided to start a conversation and something caught fire. There are other people in this world who consider this one-liner a pain-point. I’m not alone! The more I conversations I had about the business of being busy, the more engaged and fired up I became.

What have I uncovered?

Maybe this is a fleeting moment of irritation, and maybe it’s a longstanding KD and You theme. But whatever being busy is, it’s a hot and happening-topic and I want to be its messenger.

I’ve spent the last few weeks quietly observing and introspecting, and this busy pain point keeps coming to visit. I hear the words and my blood boils. I see the words and I become irate. I become the words and I explode. For me, “I’m busy” is the epitome of “>I do not value you” or “I did not prioritize you“.

July 13;  I revolted and shunned the idea “being busy. What is the antithesis of busy? With a little inspiration from Rihanna, I coined my ANTI-BUSY Revolution.

Let’s start a revolution. We need a revolution.

This life, my life even, has become so consumed by doing and proving that we/I have forgotten what it means to just be. The irony is my first and only tattoo says, “Let It Be”.


With all of the tragic events of 2016, and all of the unrest and sadness, I believe we need a revolution.

Can I get an AMEN?

I don’t know about you, but I need more space to reflect, more time to love, and more heart to lead. I don’t know how far this will go, but I challenge you to challenge me.

Together, Lets change the world.



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